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Culture Podcast

As part of our dedication to evaluating current events with a skeptical eye, Resident Skeptics could be partially categorized as a culture podcast. Connor and Jordan have covered brought their knack for critical thinking and research to tackle modern culture topics ranging from men’s and women’s health, the battle over linguistics, abortion, and education.  

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As a duo, Connor and Jordan both bring their unique takes on cultural events to the podcast. They sometimes clash, but they can usually agree the culture war in the United State of America is a bit of a mess.  


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Culture podcast commentary:


  • #52 – Addressing Patriotism and Christian Values in Education 

  • #51 – How a College Liberal Got Red Pilled  

  • #50 – The Dawning of Parallel Economies 

  • #45 – Integrative Medicine and Roe v Wade’s Impact on Loal Politics  

  • #36 – The Left Loves to Change Definitions


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