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Political Podcast

As part of our dedication to evaluating current events with a skeptical eye, Resident Skeptics could be partially categorized as a culture podcast. Connor and Jordan have covered brought their knack for critical thinking and research to tackle political topics ranging from local elections to national campaigns. 


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As a duo, Connor and Jordan both bring their unique takes on political events to the podcast.


Jordan’s Republican lean and Connor’s more Independent/Libertarian lean sometimes clash, but they can usually agree the current political climate in the United State of America is a bit of a mess.  


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National political podcast commentary:  

  • #54 – Trump Before a Fall  

  • #38 – FBI Raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago  

  • #34 – Economy and Biden’s Family Go Up in Flames 

  • #21 News Corner – State of the Union Address  

Local (Charlotte, North Carolina) political podcast commentary:  

  • #49 – Overcoming Political Polarization Through Christ-Like Love  

  • #48 – Bringing Common Sense to the Education Crisis and School Safety  

  • #47 – What it will Take to Save America 

  • #44 – Local Politics is More Important Than You Think  

  • #39 – How Republicans Can Fight Back   

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