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Logos & Literacy with Dr. Jordan B. Peterson: A Review

Author: Eden Estabrook

I know what you’re thinking.

Who am I to review Jordan Peterson?

Whether you agree with him or not, there is no arguing that Dr. Peterson is a brilliant man. Just being honest, I’d probably have a hard time criticizing his work to his face.

Thankfully, in this case, I don’t have to. Logos & Literacy was an intriguing addition to the Daily Wire portfolio. For those unfamiliar, Logos & Literacy follows Dr. Peterson and a small group of religious scholars through the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. During his tour, he meets with historians, theologians, and philosophers who discuss the Bible’s history and its influence on the world.

When I first saw the ad on Facebook, the first thing that came to mind was “Why is Dr. Peterson doing a show about the Bible?” It’s a valid question. See, Dr. Peterson is not a professing Christian. In fact, he’s not religious in general. He’s a man of science and thinking, which, in its current state, doesn’t leave room for a deity (author opinion, not a direct quote).

Bless Dr. Peterson. He answered my question in the opening of the trailer, saying:

“You might ask why I’d be concerned with bringing the history of the Bible to a more popular audience. We inevitably, and must, see the world through the lens of a story. A story is a description of the implicit structure through which we see the world, prioritize our perceptions, and determine how to act.”

The 45-minute DailyWire+ special walks the halls of the Museum of the Bible, showing different variations of the Bible throughout the year and its impact on literacy, religious practices, and even industrialization (Gutenberg press, yall!). Not only was it informative, it was succinct and attention grabbing. Sharing just enough information to inform, but not bore (because let’s be real. We have short attention spans).

As a practicing Christian, it was also fascinating to hear the Bible discussed from someone who doesn’t hold it as God-breathed Scripture.

Which brings me to my key takeaway - Whether you hold the Christian faith or not, Logos & Literacy made one thing undeniably clear - the Bible made its mark on all aspects of human life throughout history and its legacy is still felt (and being made) today.

We would not be where we are today without it.

Thank you to Dr. Peterson for bringing this topic to a wider audience. It was the DailyWire+ special I didn’t know I needed until I watched it.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s and do not necessarily represent those of Resident Skeptics.

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