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Maybe It Isn't White Supremacy. Maybe It’s Just Evil.

Author: Jordan G Estabrook

The United States of America has recently faced great tragedy in many forms.

The first, a shooting on Saturday, Jan. 21, at the Lunar New Year festival in California left 11 people dead and nine injured. The media cried white supremacy. Just one issue: the shooter was an Asian man.

A week prior on Saturday, Jan. 7, five police officers from the Memphis Police Department beat Tyre Nichols, a Black man. He died of his injuries three days later. Again, the media cried white supremacy. The issue? Every single one of those police officers was Black.

The media is bent on twisting any tragedy into a case against white supremacy, even when the facts don’t align with their narrative. Both of the cases were horrible and evil. This is not in question. The question is why the irrational leap to make every tragedy the root of white supremacy.

The media is obsessed with the white supremacy narrative because they truly believe that white people are the only ones truly capable of evil.

Let’s not forget Africans sold their own into slavery. Look in the Holy Bible, too. Plenty of horrendous things happened, from child sacrifice to Moloch, to murdering family, raping men and women. Mao killed 40 to 80 million of his own people through starvation, persecution, prison labor and mass executions. Hitler killed millions of Jews, people with disabilities, Poles, Jehovah’s Witnesses, gay people and Soviet prisoners of war.

And you’re telling me white people are the root of all evil? A quick Google search says otherwise.

Well actually, commonsense says otherwise, and that’s the problem. We’ve thrown out basic reasoning for a flimsy, half-baked theory rooted in the air. Why? So that we can paint with a broad brush and proclaim white people as the truest form of evil in the world.

Now that is evil.

To falsely suggest all white people are capable of greater forms of evil is deeply offensive and equally thoughtless.

Here’s a revolutionary thought. Why don’t we allow individuals to be responsible for their poor decisions and put the blame on them? You know, where it belongs. Let’s stop hiding behind ethnicity, circumstance and personality.

We all may look different, but our moral interior is the same. The moral law is written on our hearts, no matter your color.

What the Asian man did was horrific. He destroyed a community with senseless violence. These Black cops gave in to unnecessary brutality and cruelty, resulting in a man’s painful, slow death.

The evil in these people’s hearts is the culprit. Not white supremacy. Stop looking for a narrative and start looking at the facts.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s and do not necessarily represent those of Resident Skeptics.

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