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My Son Hunter: Reviewed

Author: Nicci Little

“My Son Hunter” released on Wednesday, Sept. 7, by Breitbart is informative and entertaining.

Directed by Robert Davi of Goonies fame, “My Son Hunter” did not disappoint.

Other movies picked up by production companies who operate outside of Hollywood have a way to go, but Davi is pitch perfect with his team delivering a product that should be on the big screen. Writers Ann and Philem Scoop used content from the Hunter’s forgotten laptop, 50 years of political history and famous gaffs to deliver an informative performance speckled with moments of absurdity to lighten the realty of the story.

The movie delves into to the life of the Bidens, specifically Hunter Biden. Laurence Fox shows Hunter’s rich boy lifestyle including references to his lack of knowledge of the energy sector and gaining audiences with powers working against American interest.

The “Big Man” played by John James further enhances the content by providing a glimpse the father/son relationship. The audience joins Kitty, played by Emma Gojkovic, as she discovers how corrupt the Biden family and becomes disenchanted when she discovers the lack of compassion for the Uyghurs in China. She also learns of foreign trade agreements set to enrich the family at the expense of the American people. Just in case the content is too heavy, Gina Carano pops in to help you wade through the mess. At times you will laugh but at other times you may be angry. Overall, a solid movie that presents as if it is a Hollywood production.

“My Son Hunter” is worth viewing and can be purchased at for 22 dollars. Once purchased, you will receive a code to view the movie on your laptop, pad or phone. Breitbart does state that the movie is best viewed on the devices listed. Grab a bag of popcorn and your favorite drink, settle down for this maze of intrigue and betrayal.

Age-appropriate caution: the movie is set in Hunter’s world of drugs, alcohol and partying. The film is not rated.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s and do not necessarily represent those of Resident Skeptics.

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