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Patriarchy at its peak: When men make better women than women

Author: Eden Estabrook

Earlier this year, Admiral Rachel Levine was nominated for and then named Woman of the Year by USA Today.

Great day for women, right?

Not really.

See, the admiral was formerly known as Richard Levine and is, in fact, biologically male before transitioning to a woman.

Admiral Levine’s nomination caused quite a ruckus on social media as conservative outlets were rightfully outraged at a biological man taking home the gold in a women’s award. In fact, commentary on the topic got popular conservative voices, Babylon Bee and Jordan Peterson’s Twitter accounts locked.

More recently, University of Pennsylvania tapped Lia Thomas for the NCAA’s Woman of the Year award. What’s the issue with that? Well, Lia Thomas is another biological male that transitioned to a woman and whose biological advantage is causing quite the controversy in the women’s sports space.

Daily Wire talked to female swimmers close to the situation, shared the following testimony from the mother of a female swimmer on the team:

“Holy cow, we’re going to talk about a male swimmer — a full-grown male — attempting to take down female icon records, and taking a spot on an Ivy team from one of the Penn swimmers, who have rightfully deserved it,” she told Independent Women’s Forum, according to the Post Millennial. “And we’re talking about, this person’s gonna swim on every relay going forward at championship meets, is going to take the position of a woman on a travel team, is going to take a space in every finals.”

With the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, the protection of “women’s rights” has been shouted from the rooftops. Liberal women everywhere are expressing their outrage of a “patriarchal” society in which the predominately male Supreme Court (we can just look past our female Justice who voted for it, because that’s easier) can dictate that murdering their children isn’t a federally-protected act.

Hilariously enough, these same people are advocating for biological men to take spots from hard-working women – simply because they “feel” like they belong there.

My question to those people is this – what about the rights of the women who work day in day out to be successful in their career, only to be outdone by an individual with a biological advantage?

I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping that Lia Thomas is beat out by a biological woman who defeated the odds and earned the title of NCAA’s Woman of the Year.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s and do not necessarily represent those of Resident Skeptics.

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