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RANKED: The Daily Wire Authors

Author: Eden Estabrook

If you’re even vaguely interested in Resident Skeptics, there is a high chance that you’re familiar with the Daily Wire. No surprises there. The Daily Wire is considered a titan of conservative political commentary, bringing the brilliant minds of Ben Shapiro, Michael Knowles, Matt Walsh, Andrew Klavan, and Candace Owens to your TV screen or playlist through audio/video podcasts, book clubs, documentaries, and more.

But the Daily Wire hosts aren’t just one-trick ponies. They are also authors, with at least one book to their name. January always brings the resolution to read more, so if you’re looking at expanding your exposure to the Daily Wire titans, here’s our most humble assessment and ranking the Daily Wire authors.

Fourth Place: Ben Shapiro

Don’t misunderstand Shapiro’s last place status as a knock on him. He’s probably one of my favorites to listen to. But his dry humor, quick wit, and knowledgeable mind are best absorbed by listening to his commentary or even better, a debate, compared to reading it on a page.

His book “Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings,” is a dry read, and an acquired taste. On the plus side, the book is a compilation of essays, which are quick reads, so you can move around in the book and read essays as your interest is led.

Don’t @ me, Ben. We still love you.

Third Place: Matt Walsh

Matt’s iconic deadpan facial features, extremely dry wit, and blunt speech endear him to his fans. In his writing, his classic persona is well-balanced with storytelling and research in the context of long-form writing.

For adults, “Church of Cowards” is a convicting, informative, and attention-grabbing read by Walsh. Which honestly surprised me. But then again, Matt surprised us in his hit documentary “What is a Woman?” by deviating from his sassy self and somehow managing to calmly and collectedly listen to both right-and-left leaning individuals alike, rather than argue (which I can imagine is what he wanted to do). Walsh’s versatility shows, and if you’re not a fan of Walsh on camera, I would still highly recommend reading his books anyway.

Matt is also unique in the Daily Wire universe because he’s a best-selling Children’s author of “Johnny the Walrus.” Although I’m the proud owner of a Walrus plushie, I haven’t read the story, so I won’t comment. But it is notable.

Second Place: Andrew Klavan

Andrew is a unicorn of the Daily Wire authors. He writes fiction! Admittedly, Klavan isn’t one of my go-tos for political commentary. Perhaps, because his innate talent lies in storytelling? Andrew is an International best-selling author and an Edgar award winning author for his fiction, and it’s well deserved.

Over Christmas break, I crushed his Cameron Winter mystery, “When Christmas Comes,” and am working my way through the recently launched sequel “A Strange Habit of the Mind.” It was a refreshing break from political commentary and easy to get lost in the world of Cameron Winter. Also, Cameron is an English professor, which made my English-major heart happy.

First Place: Michael Knowles

Sweet Daddy Knowles, aka Michael Knowles really took me by surprise. If you’re familiar with his commentary, you know he’s the more expressive of the hosts, providing a break from the dry humor that is Matt Walsh and Ben Shapiro. And it translates beautifully to literature.

His first book with words, “Speechless,” was not only informative, but succinct where it needed to be and elaborative when it needed to be. His humor was present, and I felt like Knowles was educating me personally on the linguistic battle in our nation.

In true Knowles fashion, he also has a satire book, “Reasons to Vote for Democrats,” (which happens to be a bunch of blank pages). Knowles is a gem of the Daily Wire, and ultimately, my first-place pick for the best author of the Daily Wire.

As a disclaimer, yes, Jordan B Peterson is technically an author as well, but not really one of the core Daily Wire hosts. As such, I disqualified him from the ranking.

Candace Owens is also the author of “Blackout” which I have not read, so her ranking will have to be added to the mix when I’ve read it.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s and do not necessarily represent those of Resident Skeptics.

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