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School Safety | We Need Veterans, Not Legislation

Author: John Colclough

It keeps happening. Over and over again, we’ve been confronted with the modern threat of school shootings. Each time, it reignites the ruthless “debate” over gun violence. The Left attempts to suppress 2a, and the Right can’t do much other than defend the necessity of our right to bear arms. Especially in this era of rampant political violence, and an absolutely divided nation, it is without question our collective responsibility to not concede ground on such an important amendment deliberately imbued by our founding fathers.

Of course, the aggressive outrage will continue to fester. I won’t bother addressing the primary arguments for and against firearms themselves, but rather emphasize what is undoubtedly the best solution to remedy this societal sickness. I believe that we can turn the tide without legislation.

Veterans. Undoubtedly, this heroic demographic of American citizens has every motivation to volunteer in protecting those who we claim to be the most precious to us: our most young and vulnerable. Maybe more people just need to realize what the most viable answer is.

Every community should launch a public advertising campaign calling for volunteer veterans to simply occupy the unprotected campuses. Such an initiative would likely need to be sanctioned by educational authorities, and school boards should be made to comply with the effort.

Alongside fellow comrades, veterans could establish relationships with their civilian colleagues. School staff shouldn’t have to worry about the possibility of having to throw themselves in front of an assailant to protect the children they look after every single day. Alongside the school officials, the youth of today could massively benefit from the presence of those who have formally served our country in one of the most sacrificial ways.

Many dedicated guardians, as well as the majority of the elite class, sleep soundly at night knowing that their children go to private schools well equipped to counter any potential security threat. Every American should go to bed with that same confidence.

The recent Nashville shooter specifically cited that the site ultimately targeted was chosen partially due to the lackluster security detail in comparison to the other “options.”

A coordinated group of specially trained volunteers would serve as an invaluable deterrent simply by showing up. These prospects should undergo proper psychological evaluations, thorough background checks, then go on to form bonds with those who they have signed up to defend.

Many veterans may also find this as a helpful outlet to the notoriously common displacement they often experience. These demographics of people could genuinely help each other in a very significant way.

The “next best thing” would, of course, be to dedicate the kind of money we’re sending out of the country back into it and use it to formally staff every American school with well trained and well-paid security guards.

But we all already know that is never going to happen.

Instead, there will be more chaotic noise. There will be more senseless death. There will be more blood spilled by the most undeserving amongst our population.

The solution doesn’t require new laws. It does not require a governmental reallocation of currency. It simply requires the passionate and dedicated minds of our local communities channeling their efforts into enacting this method.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s and do not necessarily represent those of Resident Skeptics.

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