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Statement on Drag Queen Story Hour in Romare Bearden Park

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (Sept. 16, 2022) - A free, all ages event hosted by Charlotte International Arts Festival and Blumenthal Performing Arts in partnership with Drag Queen Story Hour is taking place on Saturday, Sept. 17, and Sunday, Sept. 18, in Romare Bearden Park.

The Resident Skeptics team outrightly condemns this morally abhorrent event targeting young children and encouraging them to explore their sexual identity. Moreover, we strongly condemn the actions of any parent deciding to attend this event with their child(ren).

Regardless of if child attendance is the choice of a misguided parent or organization, children in Charlotte, NC, and all across the country, deserve protection from predators in any form and in any place, especially on taxpayer funded parks.

We have asked North Carolina residents to express their concerns to Charlotte International Arts Festival and our city council through calling or emailing. City council members have ignored emails and CIAF decided to block our social media account and turn off comments on their Instagram and Facebook posts.

Our understanding is that there are some who will be protesting at these Drag Queen Story Hour events this weekend. After conversations with our team, we determined that participating in this protest would not effectuate the long-lasting change that our city desperately needs. The protest will create many headlines, articles, photo ops and nasty exchanges, but no legislative change, and more importantly no change of heart, will come as a result.

We have decided to take a different course of action. We are seeking partnerships with organizations and after speaking with legal counsel, we are hopeful for change and excited to pursue a continued partnership.

However, it will not be instant change, nor will there be any instant gratification. It will take time, patience and dedication. It will require the hard work of our team, time strategizing and learning.

Most importantly, it will take you. It will require you to put real action to your words and vote for candidates that actually represent your values. Because there was not a large Republican turnout, our city council has no motivation to do anything. And that is on us.

We understand that some conservatives might disagree with our choice not to protest, and we respect that. Rest assured; we are putting the rubber to the road. A protest might be heard once, but the words of legislative action will echo for much longer. This is our sincerest held belief.

If you have any interest in our work and mission, please reach out to us.

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