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What About the Men?

Author: Noel Estabrook

So, it’s time to celebrate another special group this month, just like it seems to be almost every other month of the year now. We have Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Indigenous Peoples Month, Pride Month and the list goes on.

Let’s face it folks, we’re running out of months here.

But you know which group we don’t have a month for?


That’s right. We have a group that has contributed a great deal to society – from Plato to Ptolemy, Euclid to Newton, and thousands more. Many of our mathematical, engineering and cultural underpinnings of society were developed by, you guessed it, men.

So why don’t we have our own month?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge the fairer sex their own month (even though we’re unable to even define who they are anymore). Nor do I have a particular problem with any other group getting their time in the sun. But it’s about time one of the most powerful forces on the planet get to enjoy a little bit of the limelight as well.

What’s that, you say? Every day of the year is “Man’s Day?”

I’m afraid it isn’t so. We have emasculated men and do our very best to tear them down to nothing more than a mockery of what they were created to be.

Don’t believe me?

Go watch any commercial today. Better yet, go check out just about any movie made in the last several years and you’ll see what I mean. With all due respect to Tom Cruise, the American Male has been shoved into a closet of comical proportions.

As an example, take a listen to the writing team who created the new Dungeons and Dragons movie.

“[The men watching the women do all the fighting] was not an attempt at wokeness on our part, swear to God. We liked that Holga is the bruiser that does the dirty work for Edgin, and he doesn't like to get his hands dirty. We also love emasculating leading men.”

Join the club, fellas, so does everybody else these days.

Will real men ever get their own month? Don’t hold your breath.

At this rate, we’re not even going to get our own day.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s and do not necessarily represent those of Resident Skeptics.

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