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Meet your Resident Skeptics

Meet the team. Much like Elizabeth Warren, Connor and Jordan are Native American.  We're not sure about Isaiah and Stephen.

Connor is a little grumpy. Always blunt and to the point. Most importantly, always looking at the facts. Not scared to call out the Right or the Left.

He loves anime so much he wishes he was Japanese. Don't worry, he won't be transJapanese anytime soon. 


Jordan maintains her spice when it comes to cultural topics, like not transing kids, letting babies in the womb live, and all the other hot button topics. A little loud and always has something to say. 

She's half Asian and female, but 100% not interested in your intersectional coalition. 

Isaiah started off as a hardcore liberal, believing all guns were bad and all police were racist.

After being schooled in his youth by a conservative classmate, he did some research for himself and switched sides, as well as embracing Christianity. 

Isaiah actively keeps up with national and local politics. We joke he's our diversity card (but is it really?).


Stephen is your typically man on the street and says it like it is. While aligning with conservative and Biblical values, he looks at culture and politics from the lens of common sense. 


His style is that of an Old Navy model and much like Benjamin Button somehow ages in reverse. No one knows how he does it. 

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